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Discover Smijet, the smart in-line spectrophotometer

Cost-effective automated print color control system

The first automatic color control system for traditional (offset, flexo…) and digital printing.

Smijet represents a major advance over existing control systems. It continuously verifies the color consistency of your production on 100% of the web width.

In digital printing, it instantly detects deviated and missing jets.

A radical step forward – This AI-based print color control system contrast with conventional solutions:
  • On 100% of the production, Smijet® continuously monitors color consistency, regardless of the substrate.

  • Smijet® detects the drifts with a precision of ΔE≤1 and a definition of 1mm2, scanning directly into images and texts. No more need for color control bars!

  • Its patented multiband spectral sensor detects up to 8 million shades inaccessible to RGB cameras.

  • Its measurements are taken during the printing process and the concerned areas are permanently displayed on its HD screen.

  • It detects the slightest difference between the reference model (PDFX or press proof) and the printed material.

  • In inkjet printing, it continuously detects any missing or deflected jets. It is a valuable aid to predictive maintenance.

  • The “Human-Eye” intelligence developed by Odesyo, allows Smijet to simulate a expert human user. This avoids over-quality costs.

Why an automatic print color control that continuously monitors your production?

Print quality is a major issue for manufacturers. It can lead to productivity slowdowns and financial losses due to waste and customer rejects. In addition, the conformity and consistency of colors on printed products is a crucial issue for businesses. Brands want their graphic charters to be respected as colors on products, packaging and documents are marketing elements that contribute to their notoriety.

Whether in traditional or digital printing, the colors must be identical across all media.

In digital printing, automatic detection and prevention of missing or deflected jets is crucial.

Some Smijet features

Offset press makeready

Verification of missing and deflected jets on inkjet printers

Smijet is a patented multispectral scanner permanently installed on the printing line. It has a real-time processing unit and a touch screen user interface. Its functions:

  • Calibration and registration of inkjet heads.

  • Offset press makeready.

  • Automatic detection of missing nozzle and deviated jets.

  • Production analysis for predictive maintenance.

High speed scan with an accuracy of <1ΔE, in real time and on 100% of the production !


Installed on a running production line, Smijet is the only system that performs absolute color measurement continuously with an accuracy of <1ΔE, in real time and on 100% of the production, regardless of the type of job – be it roll, sheet-fed printing or packaging.

  • Smijet makes continuous automatic color control of printing colors. Its L*a*b* measurement is spectro-photometric.

  • It also verifies their fidelity compared to a reference PDFX file (polychrome, CMYK, Pantone) or compared to previous productions stored in the Smijet archive.

  • Most of the current systems only detect on solids of at least 16 mm2. If a defect is smaller, it will not be seen. Smijet goes through the entire production at high speed and, scanning directly into images and text, it can detect color drifts and printing defects of 1 mm2. No more need for color control bars – It’s a first !

  • During production, Smijet delivers personalized alerts according to the specific needs of each customer and each job. Smijet automatically points out the relevant areas on its HD screen and then archives the data and production report.

More precise and fast set-up: far less waste of time & paper.

With our brand new AI-based Smijet print color control system, your offset or digital printing system is operational in less than a minute, with controlled colorimetry, no sampling, and no associated waste.

During the set-up phase of a printing system, adjustment operations to calibrate and register the colors are necessary. Sometimes, they are delicate and tiresome.

  • Smijet automatically adjusts the density and ICC profiles.

  • It allows the automatic calibration of color presses or digital printing.

  • Finally, its integrated D50 illuminant (daylight) is entirely in conformity with the ISO12647 standard.

Smijet main features
  • Speed: up to 120m/min

  • Auto-calibration of the full-spectrum sensor

  • Scanning width: in modules of 340 mm

  • Minimum measuring point: 1 mm2

  • Color measurement accuracy: ΔE≤1 in L*a*b* space

  • Memorization of spectral profiles from previous prints


Human Eye® neural networks

The AI of Smijet behaves like a human expert, but much faster.

Thanks to the “Human-Eye®” Artificial Intelligence technology, Smijet continuously monitors color and guarantees the absence of any color drift that could be perceived by the eye of a professional user. 
By avoiding rejections due to defects undetectable by the human eye, you can finally say goodbye to over-quality costs!

Analyze, detect, understand, predict, neutralize, learn, and memorize: is it really a simple machine?

It is the use of neural networks that makes ultra-fast deep learning possible. As a consequence,

Smijet is able to reflect, memorize, anticipate and neutralize color defects. This near-human


Artificial Intelligence performs color calibration in seconds (instead of several minutes) and


corrects color variations continuously throughout the production process. Finally, Smijet predicts


and neutralizes these defects before they are detectable by the human eye.

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