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Business Security und Digital Print 

NIPSON Deutschland GmbH stands for all aspects regarding the high-tech digital printing: development, production, sales, application development services and around the clock maintenance. Our portfolio ranges from software to ink-based and toner-based continuous feed high performance color and b/w digital printers, including the supply of spare parts, consumables and post processing equipment.

Our key focus is Magnetography, NIPSON’s proprietary printing technology with low temperature flash fusing to develop additional competitive advantages for our professional users.

We provide maximum material and application versatility combined with extremely low variable costs, high uptime and cost saving potentials.


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Designed for reliability, with few moving parts, a magnetographic print engine is extremely rugged, making it ideal for high-volume production printing.

Nipson Technology’s magnetography is a non-impact printing technology whereby an image is printed using magnetic toner, electromagnetic write heads and magnetic fields on a metal imaging drum. Once the toner is transferred from the drum onto the paper, the image is fixed using our proprietary cool xenon flash fusing process.

Our proprietary cool xenon flash fusing process employs high-energy flashes of light. The intense flashes heat the toner but not the substrate; the substrate temperature never exceeds 50°C. 

Fusing toner without heating the substrate has several advantages: it enables the use of fragile and heat-sensitive print media, extending the scope of applications.

And because shrinkage, warping or other deformations are avoided, the finishing process is much easier.

All Nipson printers print at a resolution of 600 x 600 dpi.

All Nipson printers are equipped with automatic and operator-adjustable variable speed functions.

ipson Technology presses all use dry magnetographic toner. Engineered to perfection, this imaging process sets the industry standard for quality and reliability.

Unlike liquid toner, dry toner can be used on virtually any type of substrate, without any pretreatment.

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