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  • Main player in the field of high-speed digital printing systems and related consumables for black & white continuous variable data printing

  • Printing solutions based on patented Nipson technology

  • An independent and innovative company founded in 1992

  • A unique printing technology: magnetography combined with low-temperature lightning fixation

  • Expertise in providing solutions for all applications

  • Headquarter, Research & Development in Belfort, France



      Providing value-added printing solutions based on hardware and software and the best possible Services for our  

      customers to ensure the highest level of customer satisfaction.

     Our values ​​and philosophy

  • determine our decisions and show direction how we serve our customers and each othe

  • We create and go through potential concepts, develop new fields that we believe will have a significant impact

  • Our hands-on approach leverages our experience, resources and unique benefits to accelerate growth

  • We like to look back, so we can look to the future

  • To act without mistakes - is an empty experience. We have to be able to feel the things

  • We believe in respect and transparency and that strength lies in our diversity

  • We bring our customers to the leading positions

NIPSON im Überblick 


Unsere Werte und Philosophie

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