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The main goal of security printing is to prevent counterfeiting, forgery, and tampering. Many techniques are used to protect these high-value documents by using commercial traditional offset and flexographic presses printers or New digital printers for this market.

In today’s digital world it’s always easier to copy documents, therefore there is a growing need to protect them. Nipson Deutschland offers a wide range of anti-counterfeiting solutions, continually improving and expanding the level of counterfeiting protection they can help to achieve. For decades it has been well known that to combat fraud, special care must be taken in printing certain documents: blank checks in particular, as well as business forms, prescription pads, and gift vouchers and so on. MICR E13B and CMC7 characters, micro-text and guilloches make copying of security documents practically impossible. 

For our DIGIFlex and Varypress we offer a special black toner that fluoresces when illuminated by a standard UV light source. This toner has been specifically developed to further facilitate fraud detection: copies or reprints of the original document would not fluoresce under UV light. Toner deliveries are accompanied by a conformity certificate confirming Nipson’s compliance with strict quality control and security measures from supply to manufacturing and delivery. Other colors will be developed at a later stage.

  • Variable content such as barcodes or sequential numbering and the use of special paper also impede counterfeiting.

  • Cool flash fusing fixes the toner so that it cannot be removed without damaging the substrate.

  • Continuous print configuration ensures the pages of multipage documents remain in the right order. 

  • Substrate flexibility allows printing on security paper and heat sensitive substrates. 


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