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Photo Imaging

Nipson Deutschland Printing solutions add value to black & white and colored direct mailings; from middle to large volumes.

It’s one of the most effective ways for brands to get in touch with any customers. The medium used has a powerful ability to perform a number of roles, such as raising brand awareness, lifting sales, increasing footfall and data capture, and has achieved success for many campaigns in a huge amount of sectors.

Direct mail is a consistent demonstration of the maxim Add Print, Add Power to your communication with your customers.

  • Direct mail is the most likely form of communication to get a response from a customer. You can measure the response rates and this allows an exact cost-benefit analysis.

  • Response data on direct mail are between 60 and 85 % of all mail opened, depending on the relationship with the sender and the media used and the quality of printing.

  • A variety of printing technologies to allow you printing without damaging the preprinted.

  • Sheer unlimited substrate flexibility (plastic foils, carton, labels, plastic cards,…) and wide printable width, allowing marketers to let their imagination fly. 

  • Direct mail is unique when produced in a wide variety of formats, using different shapes, sizes, colors and materials. 

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