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Business Software

We live in disruptive times. To be competitive tomorrow, companies need to digitize their business models and workflows wherever possible and accelerate innovation. The goal from our company perspective should be to actively shape the necessary transformation process at the customer and to participate in the integration of digital technologies in all business areas.
We continue to improve our processes in response to changing customer expectations and develop the fundamental changes in working methods and the value chain in favor of the end customer.



Business Software

Print Server 

  • JefEdit - Software Suite for industrial Printing

  • JefEdit Composer / JefEdit Converter / JefEdit Spooler / JefEdit Print

  • Simple or complex customization

  • Data source: PDL, AFPDS, PDF, PostScript

  • Print: IPDS, PCL, PDF, PostScript


jef Control.PNG
  • Multi-Camera / Multi Page / Multi Area

  • OCR, 2D Code, Barcode, Logo Control

  • Specifikation: CMC7, E13B, Centering

  • Dialog / Interface between Printer and Printserver 

Meninx Semeion Module 

  • ECM-Software Solution (Enterprise Content Management Solution)

  • Software modules and professional services: analysis and consulting; Project management; Solution deployment services; Training of administrators and key users

  • A .NET-written BPaaS platform2, 100% web and mobile, configurable and extensible for economical, durable and secure management of your entire corporate data

Meninx Semeion Lösungen

  • Semeion solution use Semeion modules and technologies to realize your projects to optimize, simplify and improve your business processes, correspondence and customer relationships

Meninx Semeion


  • Once Semeion solutions are up and running, the Semeion programs will evolve and be implemented in order

  • To constantly reposition your core business, drive innovation, and ensure your business grows in the long run, these programs target your operational, organizational, cultural, and financial needs, depending on your business segment

  • Because your business and services are unique, your Semeion program must be perfectly tailored to your needs

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