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Seconds that save lives

Emergency vehicles are checked for completeness of the equipment within seconds after the operations and are thus 100% operational again in the shortest possible time.

The completeness of the equipment on the emergency vehicles is still often counted by hand and the data is entered manually into a spreadsheet.

This is an additional source of error due to incorrect entries. In addition, this process is time-consuming and ties up resources that could be put to better and more efficient use. Reordering processes are also slowed down 


Depending on the emergency vehicle, up to 2000 individual parts are loaded.

Whether it is a shovel or a special tool or respiratory equipment. All this equipment can be recorded within seconds using RFID technology.

Likewise, maintenance dates or an expiration or replacement date can be pointed out.


The corresponding inventory software can be extended modularly:

Warning and reporting system

Online warning and reporting system to appropriate places

Evaluation and analysis of reliability and lifetime of equipment


It is also a valuable tool for decision makers, as it provides accurate data on equipment reliability.

Through these analyses, one can identify certain equipment or tools to be replaced by more reliable ones in the future.


For fire departments with large fleets and corresponding equipment, this system is a must for transparency and real-time condition reporting!


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