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NIPSON Innovation

Digitization has arrived in Germany. We talk about the digital revolution, about the disruptive transformation of our business worlds. This is frightening for some companies because it has long been clear that all companies, sectors and entire economic sectors have to be prepared for the fact that the complexity, the speed and thus also the risks grow in the future.

For Nipson, this means first of all having to optimize its own process flows for all divisions and, secondly, offering existing and new customers self-standing IT solutions that make a significant contribution to the company's success and offer simplified processes with complete cost control.

The newly formed Nipson Innovations unit supports the implementation of digital transformation in your business, bringing together two worlds: old systems and new digital technologies. Our software solutions manage devices, applications, processes and services in a simple, secure and compliant manner. Our innovative software seamlessly integrates the physical, virtual, mobile, and cloud-based workspaces of your employees into your existing infrastructure

Die Mauer der Ideen

NIPSON Innovations

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