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Cost-effective and sustainable print color consistency control


To achieve print color consistency wherever it is needed


For offset, inkjet, packaging or flexo printers

Build customer loyalty by strictly respecting their color charts.

The newest generation of print color consistency control solutions

Equipped with an AI and a patented multispectral sensor, the Smijet in-line spectrophotometer differs completely from time-consuming manual sampling controls or RGB cameras that do not detect all nuances. Its color analysis space counts 8 million shades (L*a*b* space).

It detects, even within images and texts, the slightest color drifts (and printing defects) on samples as small as 1mm2. Discover now the solution that will help you reduce waste, improve production time and thus reach your full production potential!

For Industrials and Brands

Ensure that brand colors are consistent no matter the media and printing process.

Other industrial applications

Even outside from the printing world, the need to control colors can be crucial

The wide variety of printing processes, inks, and substrates have created a big challenge to achieve color consistency.

  • From offset, flexo, gravure to digital printing, different types of inks are used.

  • Paperboard, fabrics and corrugated cardboard are more absorbent than vinyle and this affects the way color reacts.

  • Etc.

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