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Pastries, cosmetic creams and other industrial applications of color consistency control

More than just printing: color consistency is a crucial indicator of product quality

The very strict color consistency control is necessary in the food industry, microbiology, car industry, furniture, cosmetic products… !

The color of your products is often a valuable quality indicator. Think about how much the color of cookies coming out of a baking oven reveals. A change in the color indicates a potential change in the oven temperature and must be corrected immediately.

Also, colorimetry is used to determine the condition of a stem cell in the pharmaceutical industry. Therefore, a continuous control system is required. These examples are not exhaustive, industrial color consistency is also critical in automotive, furniture, appliance, cosmetics and housewares



Integrated into your production line, Smijet is a fast, automatic color control system that is suitable for any running production

It is very easy to place on production lines and delivers real-time color measurement. Smijetcontinuously detects any color variation in a color space of nearly 8 million possible shades. At the same time, it continuously transmits corrective data in order to monitor the process and issues alarms if needed. This information is recorded in dashboards for statistics or preventive maintenance action


Zu Beginn der Produktion kalibriert sich Smijet in wenigen Sekunden automatisch in-line (KI und Deep Learning).

Während der Produktion erfolgt die Erkennung, Analyse und Anzeige von Driftwerten und Zonen dank eingebetteter neuronaler Netze in Echtzeit. Die problematischen Bereiche werden sofort auf dem HD-Bildschirm angezeigt.

Smijet benachrichtigt Sie, sobald ein sichtbarer Defekt auftritt, dank der Präzision seines Erfassungsbereichs (1mm2 - 10 mal besser als bei seinen Konkurrenten) und seiner Messgenauigkeit von ≤1∆E.


Automotive industry

Vehicle customization is a major business asset

Digital printing technologies make it possible to customize plastics, metal, and textiles. Whatever the application and medium, it is essential to provide color consistency and printing quality control.

The Smijet color control system allows the combination of different materials without ever sacrificing color consistency. The rendering remains accurate, regardless of the material.


Furnishings, textiles and construction materials

Customization on demand and color consistency control over time.

Digital printing allows total customization of decorative elements, offering great creative possibilities and production in small series, with no stock. It is however essential to check the color consistency and quality of the print.

Smijet detects and anticipates any discrepancies from the original specifications and ensure that two items that are produced on different dates have the same color.

The patented Smijet full-spectrum sensor is the only system that can be set up on a moving production line and perform an absolute color measurement with an accuracy of 1 Delta E (<1ΔE), in real time and on 100% of your production.


Smijet and industrial applications of color control


Ensuring color consistency on any material

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